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How do you compare with other leaders?

Do you share the same attributes with the best leaders? Do you have what it takes? Here is a Top Ten List of Attributes my Coachees have in common

  1. “Know thyself”: These leaders know their strengths and understand how to build on them. They are honest with themselves and recognize their areas for improvement. They find support and solutions to help them grow.

  2. “I have nothing to hide”: transparency is part of their personal values and they demand transparency from all of their stakeholders They embed transparency into the company culture.

  3. “They like to move it”: They do not hide behind their desk with the office door closed. They are out there on the move. They use Informal Leadership to always be aware of “what is going on in the Grapevine.” They walk the talk, they talk the walk. They are role models.

  4. When do they push, when do they pull?”: They know what their expertise is and what it is not. They set clear targets and ask for expertise/proposals (pull). They know how to be Directive/push and be task focused, and inspire instead of de-motivate.

  5. “The Future is Now”: These leaders focus on the “here and now” and the future. They learn from the past and know how to “move on and let it go.” They do NOT make the same mistakes twice. They paint a Compelling Story about the future to facilitate a path for their people to get there.

  6. “Tough as Nails”: They know how to overcome obstacles and are able to use a variety of skills and tools to help them succeed. They lead others through challenging times and provide facts, and communicate hope.

  7. “50 Shades of Diversity”: They surround themselves with diverse personal and professional relationships. They can move and communicate easily with all types of groups and levels of hierarchy. They “just make it work, and work well.”

  8. “How are we doing?”: Leaders create a dynamic superhighway of constant feedback flowing in all directions. “They catch people doing well, develop and PRAISE aligned behavior.” AND they ASK for feedback from their stakeholders.

  9. “Do the Right Thing”: They heed to a strong code of ethical behavior and exhibit integrity. They reward these two behaviors and move quickly when people do not act accordingly.

  10. The scales of Balance.” They know their own set of values and align them with corporate values. They work efficiently and have a long-term, balanced approach to work. They do not judge the work of others by who comes to the office first or leaves last. They tell people, “Why are you still here, time for you to go home!”

Compare yourself with this list. Which of these identify you?