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    Learning and Development

    We are called learn2grow for a reason! We believe that the way learning, development and company culture align to support strategies and visions is key to sustainable growth.

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Learning Solutions

At learn2grow we believe that organizational learning and development is one of the key factors leading businesses to sustainable growth. We offer a range of learning solutions to make it easier for your employees to develop the knowledge and skills they need. We tailor our solutions to your business and always make sure that any learning solution we build for you can be seamlessly integrated into your business.

The programs we develop rely on a combination of different learning methods, including facilitated workshops, eLearning, coaching and gamification. That’s because we believe that learning can be playful and fun. If you want to learn more about gamification, go here.



At learn2grow we have only one philosophy. That is to provide quality, trust, and added value to all of our stakeholders. Supported by blended solutions we extend this approach through customized programs and workshops that we deliver to our clients.

New Learning Solutions


When attending one of our programs or workshops, you can be assured that we align the delivery of our programs and workshops with your objectives.

Examples of Our Workshops and Programs

We are offering a new innovative workshop Mental Toughness: Can You Bring It?. Mental Toughness is being able to deliver the crucial activity, at the critical time, in the most challenging situations. In the best of times, anybody can prosper. When times are challenging, delivery becomes paramount. In these times the effective leader creates a “Mentally Tough Culture” so that the stakeholders can continue to prosper and deliver. The goal of this program is for your people to discover, know, act, and communicate using their Mental Toughness with themselves, teams, projects and stakeholders.

Fast Forward and See the Future
Learn2grow is happily offering a new innovative program FAST FORWARD AND SEE THE FUTURE that supports you and your people in reaching new levels of engagement, satisfaction, happiness and meaning at work. Even your customers will notice! Fast Forward and See the Future inspires your organization to discover and commit to sustainable satisfaction, happiness and meaning—not only in business but in life.  The goal of this 2-day workshop is for your people to know and understand how to keep themselves engaged -  and to stay engaged.


Management Training 4 days
Discover, understand, the basic principles of management that every leader must know. Start by using sound and trusted tools that will transition the participant from leading self, others, and your teams. Evolve from a manager to a leader in action!

Conflict Resolution 1 day
Discover, understand, and effectively use the 5 styles of conflict management that will help you manage your conflicts in a way that leads to successful resolution. Learn how to master all five styles and view conflict as the first step to a better solution.

Situational Leadership Styles 2 days
Discover, understand, and effectively use the 4 styles of leadership that will allow you to maximize the resources and motivation of your team. Learn how to use these situational leadership styles with different types of stakeholders in matrix organizations.

Relationship Strategies 1 day
Discover who you are, and your levers and preferences in your relationships. Use relationship and situational communication strategies that will treat your relationships exactly how they want to be communicated to. Be able to use all four relationship styles, master them. Use these relationship strategies to get the biggest impact and motivate your relationships.


Effective Meetings and Leading Teams 1-2 days
Nobody likes inefficient meetings, they are killers. Learn how to use your team in meetings the most effective way, lead meetings, and facilitation skills. Turn meetings into useful exchanges of proposals for quality decision-making and problem-solving.

Upwards Communication 1-2 days

Learn how to manage and lead your boss! Become a partner with your boss, and learn how to maximize this key relationship to get the best results and mutual satisfaction.

Team Leadership 1 day
Lead teams in change, decision-making, and problem-solving. Get the most out of your team and have them effectively implement team tasks and work together not against each other.


Situational & Targeted Presentations 2 days
Learn how to have high impact persuasive presentations that target the values of your audience. Deliver 4-5 types of presentations based on the unique criteria of collaboration and persuasion. Use presentations to pull when appropriate or pull when appropriate. Presentations that are situational and ideal for the needs of the listener and for you.

Negotiations 2 days
Use the latest in negotiation methodologies, tactics, and strategies from best practices recognized around the world. Use and master the five different styles of negotiate and bargaining that will lead to successful mutual outcomes.

Sales Presentations 2 days
Learn how to deliver sales presentations that meet the clients’ needs and expectations that are win/win. Use these presentations when you discover the values, needs and mutual expectations of the client and your company.

Sales Training 2-4 days
Learn how to deliver multiple customer-centric and customized sales presentations, strategies, tactics that are aligned with the your values and the values of all the stakeholders. Learn how to use persuasion and influence to enhance your relationships and lead your stakeholders into mutually successful outcomes.

Creativity and Innovation 1-2 days

Learn how to use six different tools that lead to creativity and innovation using your real-life situations. What would you like to have a more creative solution for?

Customer Service for Shared Services Centers 1 day
Learn some communication tips, methodology, and tools that will make you and your customers more satisfied. We use a customer-centric approach that is effective and user-friendly for the customer and your customer service agents.

Priority & Time Management 2 days
Use your resources effectively by: prioritizing, delegating, saying no, and effective planning. Learn how to use the latest tools that will allow you to take back control of your time.


Project Management 1-3 days
Learn how to focus on the big “3”, time, quality and money when leading projects and project teams. Review Project Management hard skills and learn the soft skills that are associated with and support all project plans. We deliver a “self-coaching project plan” and a “soft skills guide”, that supports your project and gives you a unique step-by-step plan on how to truly lead projects.

Stakeholder Management 1-2 days

Create a strategic roadmap that allows you to see the BIG picture and not only manage, but lead your stakeholders through projects while using a plethora of strategies, that will support the hard skills and soft skills that lead to success. Create your stakeholder project plan based on two criteria. Power and interest and lead your stakeholders , before, during, and after your next project.

Anticipatory & Adaptive Management 2-4 days

Learn how to take control of your project resources. You will, think, plan, implement, decide, communicate, and act in a pro-active way that will lead to optimized success on your projects and for your stakeholders. This an exclusive program that is unique to learn2grow and has been delivered successfully as a key component in strategic thinking for projects and change management.